Robert Lee’s Bio

Born 1952 in San Rafael, California, Rob spent a lot of his time in Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout), DeMolay and chasing Rainbow Girls. In high school, he excelled in Music (String Bass), Drama, Stage crafts, and of course woodworking. Rob is self taught in luthery (Luthiers certificate? HA!), welding, machining, silversmithing, lapidary work, leatherwork,  glass etching and wood carving. Not to be held down to one job, he also worked for Chris Walas on the films “The Fly” and “The Fly II”. The guys dropped the Static Fly character on top of him one night in the darkened shop as a joke. His hair started turning gray after that!  His instructional DVDs are written, filmed and authored by him. At one point his travels took him to being a college instructor for 8 years, teaching 3D  modeling and animation, stop motion animation and video production. He still see’s past students in film credits. At that time he also lived in a geodesic dome. As usual a different type of living habitat. In 1979 his first professional guitar project started with a guitar for actor/comedian Martitin Mull. In 1985, he began building the Clevinger electric upright basses for such musicians as Sting, Stanley Clark, and Nathan East. You may notice in some of the shop pictures that Rob is in a wheelchair. Well, back in 1976, while installing a police scanner in a 100 ft. tree, the diseased tree branches decided to break letting him non-gracefully crash to the ground, with a tree root breaking his fall 2″ from the ground. Yes he is a paraplegic. But… he is still the same.  Recent hobby is his 1938 ford sedan hotrod. He makes his home up on Mt. Veeder with his sweetheart of 13 years, Susan Fair.

Robert’s first guitar, built at

James B. Davidson Jr. High School

in Mr. Johnson’s Woodshop. Circa 1964

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