Robert Lee’s Rock N’ Roll Guitar Building School!

Well… you can buy a custom made guitar from us, OR… YOU CAN BUILD ONE! That’s right, we offer classes in building your own instrument. The course is taught by Robert Lee in the rustic shingled wood shop up on Mt. Veeder in Napa, California. A one week class will get you a bolt on neck guitar or bass either assembled without finish or in finished parts  that you can assemble at home later. A two week class will get you a neck through instrument with finish and most likely assembled by the last day.  Be prepared to get your hands dirty as we build an instrument from the blocks of wood to the finished product. Plenty of help here and all the tools needed to do it!

One week class @ 5 hours a day, including lunch …. $1500

Two week class @ 5 hours a day, including lunch …. $3000

Materials are extra.   Materials are available through Luthiers Mercantile International…

Please contact us about a class at….

Michael Marino with his 6 string bass
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